3 Tips for Choosing Custom USB Drives to Promote Your Business

Football USB DriveCustom USB flash drives have become one of the most popular choices for promotional products in the 21st century. They are affordable and practical tools that are valued and used, providing visibility for your brand in a variety of settings. In contrast to typical magnets and mugs, reusable flash drives are higher value gifts that convey to your customers that you are innovative, tech savvy, not to mention environmentally thoughtful. However, before choosing a USB drive to represent your brand, there are a few factors you will want to consider:

1. Choose a unique design that complements your business

Certainly having your imprinted logo is important, but having an interesting design will make it even more memorable and reinforce your brand. You might choose a “themed” drive such as a light bulb or wine bottle, a multipurpose model that doubles as a pen or wristband, or a stylish option such as a brushed metal or leather design.
Wristband USB Drive

2. Put stuff on them

One of the most powerful features of USB drives is that you can pre-load them with the data of your choice. We pre-load data on USB drives for our customers such as information about their company, useful reference information, or simply a website auto-launch. Types of data can include power-points, PDF brochures, movie clips, etc.
Pen USB Drive

3. Quality, Quality, Quality

If a USB drive with your logo on it should fail, it can reflect poorly on your company. Not all flash drives are created equally. At Embellishable, we provide our customers with only the highest quality drives from the top manufacturers, and they always come with a lifetime warranty.
Key USB Drive


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