10 Corporate Holiday Gifts Under $10

If you haven’t starting thinking about your company holiday gifts, it’s not too late. Although most companies have tighter budgets these days, there are many gifts that employees will love but won’t break the bank. Even modestly priced gifts will go a long way to show appreciation and build morale. Gifts customized with your company logo or message are even more impactful, because it makes them unique and gives employees a way to express pride in their organization.  So don’t waste time with retail stores for your company gifts. They may not have the quantity you need, and the price will almost always be higher than what you can pay to get your own customized products. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Of course, custom apparel such as sweatshirts and jackets are always popular, but be prepared for the added work of dealing with sizes, which can be cumbersome for larger companies.

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