4 Tips for Winter Promotions That Will Boost Your Brand

Just because it’s getting cold, that doesn’t mean you need to slow down your marketing.   There are great ways to keep your name visible even while many may be hiding from the elements.

1. Something Warm

While the t-shirt may be the most popular promotional product, in the winter it won’t get much exposure.  A more suitable apparel item for the cold months would be a sweatshirt like this American Apparel Unisex Hooded Sweatshirt we imprinted for Starter League.  If your target audience is on the younger side and you want to associate your business with a fashionable brand, you can’t go wrong with this hoodie.

Starter League Hoodie

2. Something Useful

The most effective product to offer is one that your customers need.  This Big Bear ECO Beanie we customized for the Diamond Peak Ski Resort in Lake Tahoe was a perfect choice for them, but winter headwear is also a great promotional item for any business or school.   It shows off a logo nicely on an item that people can wear every day.

Diamond Peak Beanie


A polar fleece scarf is another inexpensive but useful winter item that can be a powerful brand builder.  We made these charcoal scarves for Gaumont International Television for their holiday gifts.Gaumont Fleece Scarf

3. Something for the Game

A football game is the one thing that will keep people outside in the bitter cold for hours (other than maybe waiting in line for the latest iPhone).  This Waterproof Fleece & Nylon Blanket we embroidered for Paychex is one of the most popular items in our specialty online store, CozyCoverz.com.  It’s great for keeping warm and dry at the game.  And, who knows, maybe one will get caught on camera and you’ll get free tv exposure!

Paychex Waterproof Fleece & Nylon Blanket

4. Something That Will Be Appreciated

Are you a local business?  Here’s an idea:  Get some ice scrapers with your name and logo, and distribute them on cars in the neighborhood with a coupon attached.  You will be a hero, and the coupon will enable you measure the success of the promotion!

Ice Scraper Hand Mitten

These are just a few ideas to get you started.  The right item for you will depend on your target audience, the purpose or goal for the promotion, and your budget.  And you always want anything you put your name on to reflect your business’s personality and messaging.  Contact us for help with your next promotion, or sign up for our newsletter to get more promotion tips and product ideas.


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