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Get Ready for Back to School with Embellishable

plush fleece blankets

Summer is almost over, and while everyone is hoping to cling to summer days, this is one of the best opportunities to start developing a brand new image. Fortunately we at Embellishable are ready to help you with some great “Back to School” promotional products. Our wide variety of options means a wide variety of […]

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5 Tips to Boost Your School Fundraising

Football Tote

It’s that time of year again. As the new school year gets underway, we inevitably start getting knocks at the door from wide-eyed grade-schoolers-turned-salespeople sent out to raise money for their school. Maybe it’s your neighbor’s 15 year-old son raising money for his football team or your 13 year-old niece raising money for her class […]

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6 Cool Backpacks for School & Sports

Oakley Kitchen Sink Backpack

It’s never too late for custom backpacks to promote your team, school, or business. It’s one of the most used promotional products. In fact, people often have multiple bags for different uses such as school, sports, camping, and more. And this time of year you can get great deals. Here are some of the more […]

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