Company Apparel Part 2: What to Wear

Company Apparel - JacketsIn a recent article, we discussed some reasons you need custom apparel for your business. So, maybe you’ve considered logoed apparel, but were unsure about what to get (what types, colors, quantities?) or how to decorate them (what type of decoration, what graphics or lettering, how many locations?).  In this post we’ll talk about the type of items you may want to consider, and next time we’ll discuss decoration options.

These days you are no more limited in your options for custom apparel as you are in retail clothing. Here are a few areas to think about to help narrow down your selections:

Match your company’s style

You want to choose items that are consistent with your brand and reflect the style of your company. Do you want to project an image of young & edgy, solid & dependable, creative & unique, or something different? Also, take a look at the kind of apparel your employees are already wearing.  For example, if they rarely wear polos, then maybe those aren’t a good choice.  Maybe long sleeve tees, hoodies, or even camp shirts are more in line with what your employees like to wear.

Consider the purpose

Keep in mind how and where you expect the apparel to be used.  In colder climates, maybe long sleeves make more sense than short sleeves.  If they will be worn outdoors, maybe something heavier or a with a hood.  If the employees will be active while wearing the apparel, maybe you want to consider performance materials (especially if they will be washed frequently).  Keep in mind that shirts probably won’t get worn every day (unless it’s a uniform), but items like jackets and caps will often get more regular use.  If appropriate, consider garments that are suitable for interacting with customers or wearing at upcoming events.

Mix it up

You might need more than one type of item if you have a diverse staff or multiple needs.  For example, it may make sense to select different items for younger employees vs. senior ones, office staff vs. salespeople, east coast headquarters vs. west coast office, etc. You can often combine different garments in the same embroidery or screen printing order to take advantage of volume discounts.

Next time we’ll explore how to use custom decoration to make the apparel your own.


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